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Which is better for YouTube growth : quality vs quantity Video Upload

Hello YouTubers! Are you confused ? If you are searching for Knowing quality vs quantity in uploading videos then you are on right place because today I am going to tell you what happens when you upload quality videos and what happens if you upload huge amount of videos. I know nowadays so many competitor in YouTube and you have to work really smart in order to get your channel monetized. If I ask you ; What is the main motivation of making videos most of people will say their main motivation is money and few of them may answer their main motivation is fame or maybe helping people. Make sure in which category you are belongs. If you really want fame then you may upload quality video and if you are interested to get money as much as possible then you may focus on quantity fast. So let's get started.

Which is better for YouTube growth : quality vs quantity Video Upload

Quality video

Who is video you can put in the category of quality videos? Answer is pretty simple ine whitch video you will use images animation to represent properly. And you speak without any hesitation with proper clarity in video and audio as well you can consider that video as a quality video.

Quantity video

If you are uploading 2-4 videos on daily basis or More than that amount of videos then you are probably focusing on quantity. While making video you should also try to maintain at least average quality. Your focusing on quantity that doesn't mean that you will upload meaningless videos. You must make video that make sense.

Quality vs quantity videos

Already I told you that if you are making videos with proper audio and clarity in videos and in the same time you have to use images and animation to represent properly to make your audience understand your video properly then you can consider that is quality video if you are making quality video what will happen you can't make many videos within few months so if you really want to grow your YouTube channel relatively fast then you need more content the more content or videos you upload ; more views you will get and there may be a possibility of YouTube that they may suggest your videos in another relavent videos. if you upload very few videos in initial time ;what will happen there may be a chances that it will take so many months or years to get audience or subscribers.

What is the Advantages and disadvantages of quantity videos

If You are focusing on quantity then your subscriber may ignore your videos.there May be a possibility of losing your subscribers. If you are uploading videos which is not that much important then make sure you upload that video in night time so that your subscriber will not be irritated and you must upload average quality video in in daytime so that your subscribers will watch your videos.

If you will upload more videos then you will get more views and you will also get subscribers.because YouTube make your videos to reach to other viewers. But to get this type of advantages you must upload videos which really make sense.

Advantages and disadvantages of quality video

If Upload quality video then there may be a possibility of getting subscriber very fast but YouTube love regular videos uploading or YouTube love fresh content. so that if you lose your consistency in uploading videos you may not get more views very fast.


My personal recommendation for you guys is ;if you are new youtuber then you may upload videos as much as possible and if you are old youtuber then there is no need to upload video in Daily basis. Old YouTube per my personal recommendation is Focus on quality videos.hope you love this article which is relating to quality vs quantity videos uploading in YouTube or any other Platforms.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Tiktok Vs YouTube - Why YouTube is Better Platform Logically Explained

Probably You are having doubt regarding Tiktok Vs Youtube - which platform is better and why? Let me explain it the difference between Tiktok and YouTube.You May Read till the end to know why YouTube is better platform than Tiktok.

Tiktok Vs YouTube,Why YouTube is Better Platform,

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    YouTube is American online video sharing platform and tik Tok is Chinese video sharing social networking service.

    In YouTube you can upload videos relating to education,Entertainment scientific etc and you can upload complete video as it is formatting the user to upload long videos. But in the case of Tiktok you can only upload video up to 60 second. Which is the limitation of Tiktok or you can say the drawback of TikTok application.

    In YouTube many creator  are uploading videos having long duration but in TikTok Many Creators are uploading short videos. So you can easily Watch TikTok video As it is providing short videos and you can grow faster here. but in YouTube comparatively difficult to can easily get followers in TikTok and in YouTube getting subscribers is difficult.

    Copyright claim issues

    In YouTube nobody can copy your content without your permission but in TikTok anybody can copy or use your content without permission.

    Tiktok limitation

    In TikTok you cannot upload videos longer than 60 second probably but any YouTube can upload long videos.

    Tiktok issue

    Many time TikTok has been banned and TikTok removed from Play store. YouTube is Google's product and is the largest video sharing platform.

    Career in YouTube Vs TikTok

    This is my personal opinion guys. I think YouTube is better than Tiktok if you really want to make your career in YouTube you can go for that but I cannot recommend you to make your career in TikTok because nobody can give the guarantee that Tiktok could survive in near future and who knows tiktok may ban forever. Main bhi order application will replace TikTok.

    Tiktok Vs YouTube Earning

    As far as I know ; YouTube is better than TikTok Far as earning is concern.
    As you know TikTok App is made in China who knows when it will be blocked or banned. Let's ignore this thing and let me tell you why YouTube earning is higher than TikTok. Thing is that you will directly get benefited from the ads displayed while playing your videos. You get sponsorship in YouTube as well as TikTok but I think YouTube sponsorship is higher than TikTok. You can start your merchandise in YouTube you can promote anything on YouTube at the same time in tik Tok you can also promote your business. In YouTube you can earn by affiliate program but in Tiktok may not earn in that way. Being an youtuber ; in my point of view YouTube is is better platform than Tiktok.

    Monday, May 4, 2020

    How to Create Perfect Robot.txt File for Better SEO

    If you are newbie blogger then you may not know what is robot.txt? How to make robot.txt? Don't worry it's ok because every experience blogger once was a beginner. it's not too late because today I am going to tell you how to create perfect robot.txt file for better SEO.

    Create Perfect Robot.txt File,robot.txt,SEO,robot text file

      What is Robot.txt file

      Robot.txt file known as robot exclusion protocol. It is a tiny text file that tells web robots that which page to crawl and which page to ignore.

      Why Perfect robot.txt file is important

      As I already told you that robot.txt file the web robot tells which Page to crawl and which page to ignore.

      One question might come in your mind that why web robot should ignore few pages? Let me explain it technically.

      Well, there are few article which comes under two label or two category. In this scenario what you do, you put that article or blog post into two different label you consider that as a single article but distributed in two label. But Google consider it as a duplicate content.which hurts SEO of your page. Which decrease the the score of your website.
      But if you create robots.txt file perfectly then this duplicate content it will not be called twice. You are going to to block the crawling of category, label and tags.
      All you need is perfect robot.txt file.

      How to create robots.txt file

      There is so many way of making robot.txt file so today I am going to tell you two different method of making Robot.txt file. You have to replace with your website url. That's all.

      Method 1 :

      User-agent: *
      Disallow: /search
      Allow: /

      Method 2 :

      User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
      User-agent: *
      Disallow: /search
      Allow: /

      Most Important Things:

      Slash after disallow tells web robot ; not to crawl that perticular 

      User-agent: Mediapartners-Google tells web robots to serve better ads if you are using Google advertisement.


      You don't need any website to generate robot.txt file. Because you simply copy this code and replace with your website url and you are done.

      Sunday, May 3, 2020

      Copyright free YouTube Outro Template Download - Technical Bishnuji

      Are you searching for Copyright free YouTube Outro template? Then you are on right place. Don't worry Here, All YouTube outro Templates are Copyright Free.Technical Bishnuji will provide you all these Outro Template Without Watermark For Free. So there is no need  to use any kind of Outro making application or software. You can Simply Download All These Outro Templates. But Before That Read The Terms and Conditions.

      Copyright free YouTube Outro, template,outro maker, template download,technical bishnuji

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        1.YouTube Outro template

        Many Android applications are available on the Play store claim to Provide YouTube outro template for free. But they don't give outro template without watermark. So guys I have created this outro template for you. I hope you will like these outro template.

        2.Terms and Conditions

        Before downloading these outro template

        • You don't have  to give credit to me.
        • All these outro template are free to use.But you cannot reupload these template in original form.
        • you can use this template in any project or videos.

        Style 1

        Style 2

        Style 3

        Style 4

        Style 5

        3.Support Us

        Friends While  making these YouTube outro template took lots of time. So if you want to support me; if you really want to you help me please subscribe our YouTube channel which is free of cost and you can share this website URL to your friend so that they will get benefited from it.


        All these YouTube outro template are free to use and you don't have to give credit to me but you can support me  by subscribing our channel and sharing this post to your friends. I hope you all the best and bye bye.

        Friday, April 17, 2020

        Download TikTok Videos Without Watermark - Save directly to Gallery

        Download TikTok Videos Without Watermark - Save directly to Gallery

        Are you know TikTok is one of the most downloaded Android application which is available in the play store. Although this application was unavailable for short period of time again it appeared in Google play store.Are you worried of watermark while downloading TikTok videos. Don't worry today I am going to tell you how to download tik Tok videos without watermark.

        Download tiktok videos ,without watermark,save videos, download videos

        If you don't know what is TikTok. Let me tell you that tiktok is an Android application which allow you to perform acting on that platform and you can also earn money there. There may be so many creator those are uploading videos on daily basis and you want to save particular video to gallery.Right?
        Don't worry follow my steps and you can easily download without downloading any third party application

        Steps to download tik Tok videos without watermark

        Step 1

        Open the tiktok video with you want to download. Click on three dots and copy the link.

        Save TikTok videos, download tiktok videos, how to, technical bishnuji

        Step 2:

        Open open this website.Paste the link which you have copied before.

        Tiktok videos download,save download,tiktok videos, technical bishnuji

        Step 3

        And click to download MP4

        Download tiktok videos,save videos, download videos,tiktok videos, technical bishnuji


        I hope in this article we covered some queries relating to : to download tiktok videos without watermark online. to download tiktok videos without watermark android. to download tiktok videos without watermark in iphone. tiktok videos without watermark online. tiktok videos without watermark on HD quality.

        Wednesday, April 15, 2020

        18 Powerful blogging tips and tricks for newbie blogger

        There are millions of blog available in the internet so you can imagine how competitive it became. Most of the people came in this bogging world with the expectation of earning more with short period of time. They write few articles whenever they didn't get any organic traffics to the blog they get demotivated and quit blogging. It is obvious that if you came here to earn money very quickly and you don't know about blogging then definitely you will be frustrated because of low earning and poor traffic. so I am going to tell you powerful blogging tips and tricks for newbie blogger that will help you to become a successful blogger.

        18 Powerful blogging tips and tricks for newbie blogger

        Blogger tips ,blogger guide,how to do blogging, blogging tips and tricks,technical bishnuji

        18 Powerful blogging tips for new blogger

        1.Follow your passion
        2. Patience
        3. Excellent writing skill
        4. Search engine optimisation SEO skill
        5. Choosing proper theme
        6. Keyword research
        7. Killer title
        8. Knowing audience
        9.Learn Basic of on page SEO
        10.Interact with readers
        11.join blogging community
        12. Guest Posting on different blog
        13. Write unique content
        14. Social media marketing
        15. Placing ads on proper way
        16. Improve your blog loading speed
        17. Work on low competition keywords
        18. Insert images and embed videos

        1. Follow your passion

        Many people failed in the field of blogging just because of  they want to do blogging as a business. So after that when write few article they feel bore and after that the quit blogging otherwise they start to copy others post which make them unsuccessful in the field of blogging. Before come to who in the field of blogging you must have passion to become a blogger.


        You might be thinking like why Patience is required? I want to tell you that patience is the most important part of blogging if you are an new blogger. Because it needs time to beat your opponent or competitor in order to rank your page on the first page of Google which will definitely give you so many visitors to your blog. You can earn more then you ever imagine if you beat your competitor.

        3.Excellent writing skill

        Why you need to learn to write in a proper way? My answer is simple your visitor will definitely will revisit your website if you write in a proper way and without any grammatical mistake or less grammatical mistake.I am recommending you to use very simple simple word that will be helpful for every reader to understand in which topic you are writing.

        4.Learn SEO

        Most of the people don't know what is SEO. You must learn SEO because you are already 10 steps back of other Bloggers if you don't know SEO. Because organic traffic mostly depends upon your optimisation of your website with proper SEO friendly articles although other factors are also responsible for getting traffic but it is the most important factor which drive organic traffic to your blog.

        5. Choosing Proper theme

        Well there are so many people think that they will get more traffic if they will install an attractive theme all the attractive theme are important that doesn't mean that you will choose any kind of theme which look great. I am recommending you to install theme which is SEO friendly as well as ad ready. One bonus tips for you try to choose a lightweight theme.

        6. Keyword research

        Keywords research Which is the most important factor of blogging because keyword research also help you to get traffic to your blog. Try to insert keyword inside your your blog post.

        7. Killer title for your article

        Actually whenever somebody is searching on the internet he or she may get so many results but where they are clicking that is matter. Most of the click comes to that particular articles which one having an killer title.


        Powerful tips for new blogger
        20 Pro Tips for newbie blogger

        8. Knowing your audience

        The most important thing is so many people will definitely bookmark your blog if you are providing quality content on perticular topic.
        So you must know what your your audience requires or your audience want to read. Try to write articles accordingly so that they will spend time on reading in your blog which will help you to rank rank your blog.

        9. Learn basic of on page SEO

        Before that I told you that you have to learn SEO but most importantly you have to work on on-page SEO so that you can actually rank your post or article. Although there are someother factors which also responsible for ranking your blog but you must know the basic of on page SEO first.

        10.Interact with readers

        The best way to build a relationship between your blog and your audience is interaction with your blog readers. Always reply to those comments are in  your blog.

        Blogger,reader, technical bishnuji,tips and tricks,blogging guide

        11.join or create  Blogging community

        There are so many blogger community available on the Internet simply you can join these community otherwise you can create a community of bloggers. That will help you to learn and share knowledge ideas and also help you to keep your motivation for long periods.

        12.Guest Posting on different blog

        There are so many blogs which are available on the internet those provide free guest posting. If you write article and give them they will provide you a dofollow backlink which will help you to to get readers to your blog. You can also write free guest posting for my blog and I will definitely give you a do follow backlinks that will help you to get readers to your website.

        13. Social media marketing

        If you you have written so many article and you are not getting views then this is the best time for you to know what is social media? Let me explain it in simple way that you have to share your content in social media like Facebook Twitter LinkedIn and everywhere.

        Social media marketing, blog promotion,technical bishnuji

        14. Placing ads in proper way

        I have seen many website or blog those are are having so many ads inside the post which is very frustrating for reader.reader will definitely quit reading in middle of articles. You must place your ads in a proper way that will not disturb your visitors.
        My personal recommendation for you is you have to place ads 1 in header section another is in footer section and the next one is in the right side like that place it properly.

        15. Improve Your blog loading speed

        So many visitors those are visiting your website quit visiting your blog because of poor loading speed. Your website must have to load in between 2 to 3 second.

        17. Work On low competition keywords

        The most important think you have to do if you are a new blogger. Let me explain it technically. Whenever you write an article you must use the keywords having low competition. What is the logic behind this? Well many blogger work on high competition keyword and you are not going to beat them in short period period of time. Which will indirectly make you feel frustrated. there may be a possibility that you will quit blogging just because of this.

        18. Images and embed video on your blog

        I am recommending you to insert images which will help your readers to understand visually and also you can set some keyword inside the images because of alt tags. Which will also give you traffic.

        Bonus Tips 

        The most important thing is is regularly keep updating your blog which will increase the probability of ranking your blog. Because Google I will think like you are activeyour blog or updating your blog. So keep writing and do some research on keywords and Learn SEO properly and definitely you will be successful in the field of blogging. One request don't be frustrated at never ever copy post which is written by someone else.

        Thank you so much for reading

        18 Powerful blogging tips and tricks for newbie blogger

        Tuesday, April 14, 2020

        10 Amazing ways to Solve Battery issue on Any Phone - Fix Battery Heating Problem

        10 Amazing ways to Solve Battery issue on Any Phone - Fix Battery Heating Problem

        Hello! If you are worried just because of heating issue of your mobile phone. Don't worry everything will be alright because I am going to tell you 10 different way that will help you to fix battery heating issue as well as quick drainage of battery charge. 

        Solve Battery issue on Any Phone, battery problem, technical bishnuji

        Various factors are there which may affect the the battery as well as heating issue of your phone and we are going to discuss about that particular topic.

        Always remember every problem have a solution and we are going to fix this issue. So first of all you need to know why your mobile phone is continuously heating?

        1. Playing games for long period
        2. Using mobile phone while charging
        3. So many unnecessary background processes
        4. Enabling Bluetooth and Wi-Fi or hotspot ,gps (global positioning system)
        5. Charging mobile phone in a different USB cable
        6. Online streaming for long hour
        7. Not updating mobile phone
        8. Many application installed
        9.over Charging the mobile phone
        10. Keeping the phone in hot place

        Playing games for long Time:

        Nowadays many people are playing mobile games like pubg free fire fortnite etc with graphic settings. Because of that mobile phone get heated and some time also automatically turn off. So what could be the solution of that particular problem? According to me you have to you give some time in middle of playing like you have to play a 2 hour then give rate at least half  one hour then continue playing like that.

        2. Using mobile phone while charging

        I have seen many of my friends are playing games and also so watching YouTube videos during the time of charging. So my personal suggestion for you, what to do any kind of activities similar to this. If you do this type of thing then definitely your battery will be drain quickly and there may be a possibility that you have to replace your battery because your battery will not work properly after few months.

        3. Too Much unnecessary background processes

        Which is the most important thing I am going to share with you because what mistake usually people do here is they are actually install from third party application like clean master and consider themselves as smart guy but they don't know by doing this they are draining the battery.
        Let me technical explain you. Suppose there are so many background processes open in the background which really necessary when you clean this background processes then that application again open itself to do specific task. That's why when application start it really consume more battery power. Repeatedly if you clean the background processes you are going to to drain the battery. If you are smart guy then manually close the background processes which you really don't need. Don't add unnecessary application which will slow down your mobile phone.

        4. Opening GPS Bluetooth Wi-Fi I and hotspot.

        There are so many application which unnecessary access your GPS and continuously their accessing your GPS and location which drain your battery. It is one of the main reason of heating your mobile phone. So turn on GPS and Bluetooth when it is really required and after that you have to turn that thing off.

        5. Charging mobile phone in a different USB cable

        Most of the people do this same mistake like I was also doing this mistake before. So you are the lucky one because you are going to know that's why you should not use different USB cable to charge your mobile phone. Different phone have different capability of accepting charge up to certain extent but here if you use another USB cable it may send huge amount of charge which your mobile may not capable of.

        Always use your original USB cable to charger mobile phone.

        6. Live streaming for long hour

        When you use online streaming as well as watch live stream it actually make your battery to drain fast and also so it is the one reason of heating your phone. So now you can definitely going to guess what to do in order to to maintain your battery.

        7. Not updating system application

        In some cases battery heated Too much because of not updating system update your application which you may have fix bug ,and install the security patches in order to to keep battery cooler.

        8.Many Application installation

        If you install many application definitely I will drain your battery very fast and also it will increase the background processes so indirectly it will lead your phone to heat you have to only install that application which is really needed otherwise  uninstall all the application.

        9. Over Charging the mobile phone

        Overcharging the mobile phone will definitely heat your phone.while charging your mobile phone make sure you check the mobile phone of 85 to 95% and don't charge it to 100%

        10. Keeping the phone in hot place 

        Sometime you may notice that when you keep your phone on the table or on the roof. It Will come into the contact of direct sunlight and it will heat. Never keep your phone in hot place. Keep it in safe place.

        Conclusion : I hope this article which was relating to "10 different way to tu to solve heating issue of your phone" helpeda you a lot. Thanks for reading this article and have a great day.if you have any suggestion or if you have any doubt regarding this topic you can comment below and definitely you will get response.