How to get more views and subscriber in youtube

How to get more views and subscriber in youtube

Many youtuber search on Google relating to their youtube channel. Like : why getting low views ?, How to complete 1000 subscribers and 4000 hour watch time ? and so on.
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Let's come to point ,
As you know youtube is one of the biggest video sharing Platform. Where any body can upload their videos.Here you can create channel and upload videos and monetize your videos and earn money accordingly.
But in recent updates youtube introduce new rule where creator can monetize their videos after getting 1000 subscriber and 4000 hours watch time.
Many people fails to complete this target and atlast they quit youtube.
But guys you are right now on right place. Now I will share my youtube experiences. I will tell you how to accomplish your target.  I have done certain mistake that should not be repeated.

Video Sharing 

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you should not share your videos any platform. Like facebook twitter and whatsapp etc. Because they should not watch your vidoes as they don't need this. Suppose you are talking about youtube. And your friends don't want to be youtuber. They will never watch your videos. If they click then only watch few minutes and when one by one all of your friends will do the same thing .Your videos audience retention will be very low and further your videos will not be suggested as youtube will consider that your videos is not good enough.thats why people are watching your videos few seconds and quiting.

Things you should not do

You should not use bell icon intro. Or you should not ask anyone to subscribe half of the conversation.when you put bell icon intro people will stop playing your videos and you will lose your audience as bell icon intro is minimum 10 second. Now a days people have lack of time.when you ask for subscriber middle of your while delivering important message they will be annoyed and left your videos.

Don't cheat

which is most important you should not cheat your audience. Here everything is your audience if you lose them you will lose your channel too. So dont do any politics. Always reveal the reality of things more clearly so everybody will trust you and you can grow your youtube journey for long time.

Irregular video uploading

You should upload video in a regular basis. If you discontinue unloading of videos then definitely you will lose audience and also your video will not show in browser features so you will not get views

I am telling you my experience when I did not know about youtube and how to upload video and monetize them. At that time I also uploaded a video while I have zero subscriber. I have not promoted that video still I got 1000+ views. It means youtube always recommend your videos to others. So you regularly upload videos and don't promote it or share it in any other platform. Here views does not matter here watch time audience retention matter. When you will get more watch time with good audience retention definitely your videos will go on suggestions of others videos and you will get more views and subscriber.

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