What is incognito Mode - Is it Safe Browsing

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What is incognito Mode - If I will say Private Browsing; Everybody will understand but few of us will understand incognito browsing because Most of us are not familiar with this word.

Most of us are Google chrome user as it gives us good browsing experience.it has so many extension which made easy for all user to get their thing done in time.
As it has so many features few of us can't find out all the features.So today I will tell you about incognito browsing feature of google chrome.

While browsing in the internet most of the time it stores our user name ,password and others Private data which should not be stored.

How To Access Incognito Mode

So to get rid of these things you should use incognito mode which can be accessed by pressing Ctrl+shift+N in Google chrome.in mobile devices you can choose open new incognito tab.

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How Safe is Private Mode

By choosing incognito mode you are safe from your friends and family because non of them will catch you as your browser will erase all data information that you had searched.your browser will not store cookies also which is the most crucial part of incognito browsing. Definitely those advertisers are showing their respective ads by tracking your cookies they will not show you ads in which you are interested on.

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Most of user use this incognito mode to see pornographic content but I already told you that, this feature is beyond that.

Are You Safe From ISP ?

ISP stand for internet service provider.Well, it clears input data  and cookies from your local computer does not mean that you can get rid of ISP tracking. ISP can still see what you are searching or browsing on the internet. If you have Privacy Issue you can purchase VPN (Virtual Private Network) For your safety browsing you may prefer NORD VPN.

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