YouTube Monetization Update 2020 - How to activate monetization

YouTube Monetization Update 2020

YouTube which is one of the most used search engine where videos are uploaded by creators on daily basis. there was a time when I was thinking why people are uploading videos and waste their data balance. at that time I was not getting the reason behind it. but eventually I got to know the reason behind it.

As you know YouTube is the most popular website to search videos. here you can get many videos
that may be relating to music, entertainment, study and so on. so question arises here does YouTube recruit employees to upload videos on their website.

Answer is pretty simple here YouTube allow everyone to upload their valuable videos to internet and can be able to earn money after fulfilling their terms conditions.  I mean certain rules you should have to follow like you have to complete 4000 watch time and 1000 subscriber. which is very challenging task for YouTuber now a days.

one thing is very important here if you consistently upload videos and gather huge audience so indirectly you will complete watch time as well as subscriber target and submit your channel for review.

Fix Your Channel Niche

in YouTube recent update getting Activating monetization became more complicated and difficult task to achieve.
before this many creators were uploading different categories video in order to complete watch time target.
but now a days they may not get approval if they upload mixed content

Click bait thumbnail

if you are creating clickbait type of thumbnail and force user to click and view then you may not activate monetization.

Channel Value :

if you are creating videos which are worthless and which make no sense after watching. then that may depends on them while channel review they may not turn on your monetization. because they are personally reviewing your channel.

which could increase the chances of approval is facecam videos with valuable content as per your niche. 
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