What is Bounce rate and how to Reduce Bounce Rate?

When I was new in the field of blogging I heard about Bounce rate. I was totally confused and if you are new in the field of blogging definitely e will not understand what is bounce rate. So keep reading this post till the end and definitely you will understand; what is bounce rate how to decrease bounce rate. Higher Bounce rate is good for your website or not?

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Table of contents

  1. What is Bounce rate?
  2. Why Bounce rate is high?
  3. What is ideal Bounce rate?
  4. Is a higher Bounce rate good or bad
  5. How to reduce Bounce rate?

Bounce rate :

If you don't know what is Bounce rate then definitely you should know about it it and I am going to tell you what is Bounce rate.

Bounce rate is the percentage of the visitor who visited your website and leave instantly without visiting other pages of your website.

Can be calculated

Percentage of visitor who visited your website leaves after reading only one blog post /total number of visitors

Why Bounce rate is high

  • Slow page loading time
  • Too many Advertisement
  • No quality content
  • Annoying pop up

Slow page loading time

Well there are so many websites that I have personally visited and I really feel irritating because of its slow loading speed.

How can you increase the loading speed of your website. There are so many tool available in the internet which can be minified the JavaScript which are installed in your your website. And also you can manually remove all the JavaScript which is unnecessary.

You have to add only those widget which is really essential for your website. Another Singh is you will feel awkward that AdSense code also affect your loading speed of your webpage.

Try to to use only 2-3 image maximum in your website anda try not to use HD quality images or you can use HD quality images but you have to compress that image before uploading that image to your website.

Too many advertisement

Although I already told you that advertisement also obstacle for your website. There is no other way to remove ads as because you depend upon earning which directly came from advertisement.

So I can give you one more solution which can help you that in have to to limit your advertisement like you add 3-4 advertisement per page and every page and not more than that.

Annoying Pop Ads

so whenever you open your website you might have seen that some website contain some popups Windows which display during the time of reading an article.
For example: floating subscription box
                         push notification

What solution it can have?

I am recommending you not to use floating subscription box. You can use push notification because it also gives you more visitor.floating substitution box is not that much important you can manually add this to your website and people will definitely subscribe your your website.

How to reduce Bounce rate?

  • Design and load time
  • Related post
  • Search box
  • Internal linking
  • External site must be open in new tab

Design and load time

you should try your best to design your website in such a way that which will look very simple and professional as well as it must have fast loading time.if you are using blogger then there are so many lightweight theme are available and also in WordPress there are also same thing available you can use them.

in Another post I am going to give you themes that will help your website to load faster.

Once again I am reciprocating the same thing that you have to remove unnecessary widget as well as you have to minify the JavaScript and the same time you have to remove all unnecessary JavaScript from your website to load faster.

Related post:

So what is related post? You might have seen that there are so many website having related post just below their article. The benefit of of having this option is; definitely reader will read related post and again also read and other related post and like that they will stay on your website and spend hours and hours

Search box

I know if you are a blogger and definitely you have categorised your blog post but there are certain things people always want to find quickly.if you have search box option then definitely they will search whatever they want to read and if that post will be available in your website then they will read it and that go to spend time on your website and definitely I will reduce your Bounce rate.

Internal linking

What is internal linking? While you are reading the post definitely there are something related to that post written inside the post having an internal link which is clickable and when reader click on that link that will take them to another page where they will get full information about that perticular topic.

External site should be open in another tab

Whenever you add an external link to your blog post make sure you should make it to open in another new tab. Definitely it will reduce your Bounce rate. Why I am telling you this ? Because whenever you don't do this things then when someone click on external link; they may stay in that website.

How much percentage Bounce rate should be?

This is actually difficult questions actually many website give their personal opinion but I am going to tell you that you have to maintain the boundary between below 20 to 25%.
And remember your Bounce rate should not be adverb 60%.


I hope you understood what is bounce rate how to decrease bounce rate. Thank you so much reading this post.