Hello bloggers how are you ? it's Seems like you are worried of something. Don't Worry its alright buddy. you want to change the Avtar of Author Box in colored minima 3 blogger template. Am i right ? here i have solution for you guys because today i am going to tell you how to change Author Box of blogger template.So lets get Started.

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Everybody love this theme because its high ctr theme ok and another thing is that ; This theme is so simple and can be edited within blink of your eyes and trust me guy you are the best theme editor just have faith on your self. i will Provide you the video download you can watch and edit accordingly but something you need to copy from here ok.

Copy This Without Inverted Comma


And search inside the theme and replace with your link and include dimension like

Width ="120"

Thats all you need to know and i told you and now watch the full video to make it happen.

You may download The Code if you have any problem. Click Below download button