I got many messages from my subscriber in my Facebook account. They are asking how many blog post should be written in a month? So in this article, I will share my strategy of writing how many articles in a month.

How many blog post a newbie blogger should write in a month,technical bishnuji

 How many blog post a newbie blogger should write in a month

A Newbie blogger has many doubts regarding article writing and keyword research and so on. but here I will tell you how many articles must be written within a month. Before that, I am going to share my personal experience. One year ago I was thinking like I have to write one article or two articles on a daily basis. That is the worst part of blogging. Let me guess You are alone and you don't have adequate time to do keyword research. Still, you want to write an article on regular basis. Then you never gonna make it happen. Because after few days you will be disappointed after seeing very low views despite writing so many articles. Quantity does not matter here what matter is quality. So my strong recommendation is to give one day for keyword research and next day write that relevant article according to keywords.

If you do like this what will happen you will get descent amount of traffic to your website because of quality blog post and as you have written according high search volume and low competition keywords. Let me e tell you what will happen when you focus on quantity blog post writing ? Here you will not get enough time for writing good article so due to lack of time you will not get enough time for keyword research. So writing on high competition keyword. Your post or article minut rank on google first page. So that you will not get traffic to your website directly. so sooner or later you will be disappointed and quit blogging. So so I am I am giving you a suggestion that write 3 articles per week. In a month it will be 12 articles and in a year it will be 144 articles. Just imagine you have 144 articles and all of them ranked properly then definitely you are going to make 200 to 300 dollar per month every month.


So within one month, you must write minimum of 12 articles. Those people have hired many people for blogging they can write more. But if you are an individual blogger write 12 articles per month. And trust me guys that is sufficient for you.