What is SEO and how it works? What is the benefit of doing SEO of your website I will tell you in this post which most essential part for blogger.

Many years ago I had heard that word SEO and did not wish to know but after creating a blog it became most important part to know because we need more organic traffic to our website.

When you search something on Google you will see so many result do you check all pages? Your answer will be NO because we will get our on first page most of the time sometime we see Second third and fourth page of search results.
Like that user will check few pages and if he/she get the answer. He will not check your website although you have written that post which user has searched. Because that post is not reached at user as it is not ranked on Google on first second or third page which user had checked.

If you will do seo properly then it may rank on Google first page and you will get views. That means seo is the backbone of your website as far as page view is concern.

What is SEO 

SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization. By this you can rank your article on first page of search engine like Google Yahoo etc.

Google display the link which links are having good content and high authority. Here authority means how many pages are connected on that particular page .

You can say SEO plays vital role in gathering large amount of visitors . You can get organic views. As by doing SEO it will rank on first page of Google so many people will click on that particular link.

How Google know which page to rank on the top of Google search result

The main goal of search engine is how can user get best result it choose the results and show results on first page which is relevant to topic.

Mostly it focus on two things

1. Search query and relevant result
2. how many page authority

For relevant results it also access keywords of topic.

To analyze it uses complex equations which is known as search algorithm.Search engine always try to hide its algorithm from other.

Types of SEO 

1. On page SEO
2. Off page SEO
3.Technical SEO

On page SEO

In on page seo we have all control. We need to focus on the page that you are working on. I mean quality of content ,keyword of rich content , HTML optimization which includes tags meta description sub heads etc

Off page SEO

Off page seo which are done outside of page such as back links page rank, bounce rates etc

Technical SEO

Which affect technical aspects of the page  which includes page load speed navigable sitemap, AMP , display of page on mobile version. It should be well optimized because it affects page ranking