There are so many factors that affect youtube videos ranking on websites’s search engine that may be  Keyword ,Competition ,Number of views

Most of youtuber know about these , what most of user don’t know about is audience retention

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Audience Retention:

Youtube audience retention also known as viewer retention. It means how much percent length of your video that viewer watched.
For example, your video is 2 minutes and someone watched 30 second here audience retention rate 25%

Number time watched/total time*100

Experimentally, proven that good audience retention of a video ranks higher and can be suggested by youtube on relevant keywords.

3 ways to increase viewer retention/ audience retention

Quality  Content  :

While creating video you should focus on quality videos that may be Hd videos, Hd audio, Talking without hesitation, Providing right information

You should mainly focus on clarity of audio videos as well as giving right information that make them feel worth to watch till end so you could high audience retention.

Keyword/Tags :

You should put keywords that is relevant to your topic so that they watch your video. If someone searching for how to earn money online ? But you have uploaded a video having title tags that is similar to earning money online but you are talking and promoting another stuffs then user get irritated and he will quit watching your videos. So you will not get good audience retention

Video Promotion :

you should promote your video in right crowded area that may be in whatsapp group facebook group  but according to your video; post there . otherwise you will get views but you will get poor audience retention.