How to Become Successful Blogger

How to Become Successful Blogger

Now a days everybody call themselves blogger as they are created an account on blogger and written 10-15 articles only.Are they successful in the blogging field? Of course not! They don't have patience they want immediate results.when they write few article they apply for AdSense and when they get rejected they quit blogging.What they need is money money and money. But to become a successful blogger you should have patience.remember success does not come immediately it's a long term have to keep writing on daily basis. You should try your best to give quality content. Rather than increasing number of post ; focus on quality of post. Although quantity is important but quality must be your first priority.

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Consistency :

I am recommending you to write atleast one article on daily basis.Take sufficient time to write single article give your best try to describe everything in that post. Use Images pictures to make your reader understand easily. Choose your topic in which area you are strong enough and you must have adequate knowledge.

You don't need to use difficult words which may annoy your reader and force them to leave middle of reading. Try to write in simple language so most of reader will easily understand.

"Make the things simple not simplest "

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Do Research on Your Content:

If you are writing blogs on history of India. You must read and do sufficient research on the topic before publishing. Give your best to write in a such way that ; reader will not have to search for another article to get information.
If you write very good article definitely that reader will come back your blog to read another time and he/she will be forced to bookmark your website.

The worst part of blogging; most blogger after getting approval when their earning became low they quit blogging. So what was your main motivation ;money? If yes, then you never gonna be best blogger.You should not call yourself blogger; although Everybody works for money.First priority must be providing quality content. 

Initial time,you should not have to worry of low earning just keep writing keep writing after couple of months you will earn decent amount of money and you will gather huge amount of audience which ultimately gives you popularity among the blogger. Each and every day give your best to write better article than yesterday

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Technical Skill :

you have to learn to do SEO ? If you don't know what is SEO you can read on my blog . Already I have written an article on SEO soon or later I will update it. SEO is the backbone of your website why I am saying so because if your website will not rank on google; nobody will know about your blog and if nobody knows about your blog who will read your article?

Try to learn SEO, Making Back Links and must do keyword research with google keyword planner which is free tool that gives you ideas about keyword. Here you have to search for keyword with high search volume with low or medium competition. I am recommending you to write with low competition keyword if you have new blog.

You must use google search console to submit your website pages to be indexed on google.submit your webpages to various free web submission directory also. Make do follow back links with quality website.

Extra Tips :

Interact with reader

Always give right solution to your reader. Give your best to reply to each and every comment whether they gave you compliment or ask you question relating to anything.

As you are investing quality time on writing article it's natural to expect  money from it.there is no issue.Another thing your primary goal must be providing quality content and earning money should be secondary.

"Keep writing and don't stop until you are not successful. And remember success is a journey and it's not a destination"

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