YouTube SEO :4 Ways to Rank YouTube Channel

How to rank YouTube channel? It's a very difficult question which most of people can't give exact answer as YouTube continuously changes it's algorithm. Well, You have a YouTube channel; that does not come on YouTube search results. Don't worry you can resolve this problem. Before that just think Why this is happening? Try to observe how YouTube search algorithms work. Well guessing the solution of this problem is not easy. But I can say; you will get few ideas about ranking if you do some research work here.if you have no time for that I can help you through my past experiences. Trust me after reading this , probability of ranking YouTube channel will increase. I can give you assurance that you can find your channel in first page of YouTube search results.

List of content :

1.What is YouTube channel keyword?

2. Why channel keywords are important?

3.How to set channel keywords?

4.How to beat your competitors?

1.What is YouTube channel keywords?

Keywords are terms or words that are used to give information  regarding your channel. You can say, it gives ideas to YouTube about our channel niche or category. You should try to focus on main keywords of your channel.
For Example:

channel keywords, tech reveal, technical bishnuji, youtube

2. Why channel keywords are important?

I have already told you that it makes YouTube understand about your niche and category of channel.but another fact is it sends your videos to others videos recommendations by identifying the matched category; on right side column while playing YouTube video.
When you optimize your channel keywords on right way definitely it will boost your ranking.

technical bishnuji,channel keywords

3.How to set channel keywords?

First you should do a research about your channel and focus on your targeted keywords and also set some popular keywords. Like this :
tech reveal, technology, blogger, YouTube,wordpress, digital marketing,make money online,tech talk,web design.
You should try to use 8-10 words within 150 characters. If you use many keywords it will dilute importance of your each one of the keywords.

4.How to beat your competitors :

You can get keywords ideas from competitors by viewing page source. Then you have to press ctrl+f then search Keywords then get ideas. Then add ignore few keywords of competitors and add little more keywords of your own. And regularly keep uploading videos.

keywords, view source,technical bishnuji

Extra Tips:

Before making channel first enter the channel name on YouTube search and see your competitors.if you get low competition on your channel name.then getting your channel on first result is easy if you work for few months. You can easily beat your competitors.

I hope you got an overall ideas about ranking YouTube channel and adding keywords to your channel.Thank you so much for reading 4 Ways to Rank YouTube Channel .