How to Make YouTube Videos Go Viral on Internet

How to Make YouTube Videos Go Viral on Internet

Are You a new YouTuber and you want  to make your videos Go viral on the internet? Making video viral is not so easy task for new youtuber for old YouTuber their video automatically go viral on the internet just because of huge amount of audience and they watch video and they get million of views and their video go viral on internet it's not too difficult task but for new YouTuber its not easy.but I would recommend you certain things to do if you really dying to make video go viral. 

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Analysis of trending videos :

What is trending videos where trending video will you get? Pretty simple open YouTube application go to trending section. After that search for the videos which go viral on the internet that should be belongs to in which category you are making videos. 
I mean choose video which relating to your channel. If you have tech channel search video relating to tech don't go for funny video. 

Strongly recommend you, not to make different kind of  vidoe as it will ruin your YouTube career. Let me explain why ? Look, if you have tech channel and you are uploading funny vidoes to get views and subscriber you will get it but you will loose your subscriber who is really intrested on tech as they are not interested in funny videos so decide in which kind of video you will make. If you want to make career in tech channel go for only tech if you want to make channel for funny prank channel go for it. 

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Use Google trend :

If you don't know about Google trend go and search on google right now. This is the best tool to find out trending video relating to your field. Make video on that topic just give a try. You have a chance to make video go viral here. 

Activities or user engagement :

When someone commenting on your vidoes for giving compliment or asking questions relating to anything you should give answer. It will increase user engagement which may make video go viral. 

Quality video and attractive Thumbnail

You have to make quality videos the minimum video clarity is 720p and resolution should be 1280*720 but you can choose more than that (1080p, 4k) that will be bonus for you.

Thumbnail plays vital role because first impression of audience is thumbnail. Make thumbnail like anybody will be forced to click without blinking eyes. And make content so interesting and easy to understand which make them stay and watch till end. 

For Example thumbnail Like this look more Professional :

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Audience retention :

What is Audience retention ? New word for you? You must know about it. You may read here : What is Audience Retention

Well I can explain in easy way, all you have to care is average play period or watch time must be more than 65%-75% . Which ultimately make video go viral on the internet. 

Maintain Like dislike Ratio :

Maintain like dislike ratio. Like should be around 80 % which brings Audience attention and one request don't cheat your subscriber that will affect your youtube channel. If you cheat them you will get dislike if you provide quality content you will get like and loyal subscriber. So choose what you want.

Research on your videos :

You should research on your video before making vidoes which will be more beneficial for you. You should make video in a such a way that you could cover all within short period of time. Make vidoe like your veiwer should not have to watch another video to understand. Make your content very easy to understand and cover all topic. 

Video Length :

Length of vidoe should be 4-5 minutes if you make long video, Most of viewers may have lack of time as because of their busy schedule. They may not watch till end and you will have bad Audience retention and you will never make your video go viral on internet. Make them watch full video and have good audience retention and go viral on internet

I cant guarantee you that these will make your videos go viral on internet. But these things will increase the probability to make vidoe viral.

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