Killer Tips to Become Successful Blogger

Hello Bloggers so you want to be successful in the field of blogging right ? Who does not want to be successful in life.everybody wants.but very few of them become successful while others are you will learn today what make them so different from other for which they are successful in their life and career.well I can say.if you are blogger and you are worrying about low earning then my personal suggestion would be ;In initial time you should not worry about your earning.How much you earn you should be  satisfied with that much amount. As you know competition in this field of blogging is too much high as compared to before. Still there is a possibility to earn huge amount of money like other bloggers.Killer Tips to become a Successful Blogger

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How much amount you are earning right now that is not matter. In this time you have to focus on your content whatever your niche that may be but you have to write at least one post each and every day. No matter how many problems come in your life you have to ignore all these problem and focus on your career in blogging.

So question arises here , should I keep writing post relating to my topic even if I don't earn money from it. Then my humble answer will be yes you should keep writing and keep writing until you are not succeeded.

Failure Is Stepping Stone to Success

If you are passionate about blogging nobody can stop you to reach your goal. Your destination maybe far away from where you stand right now but day by day when you do your work properly you will definitely reach where you want to reach.But Let me remember you one thing at the initial time you don't have to worry, you don't have to be demotivated. A person who failed in his life can win the race but I can say if a person already accepted that he has already defeated then he is never going to be successful. In order to become a successful blogger you should have patience  and enthusiasm to work.

Patience :

Probably you have never tested  success in your life but I can give you the assurance that nobody born in this world who could stop you in this time to become successful in the field of blogging because if you have patience all you need is to spend little bit extra time here.
I want to give you one more suggestion to you ; that is to write articles as much as can write 2-3 article per day and every day.

Passion is everything :

You are really passionate about to do something in your life in this field of blogging then nobody born in this world who could stop you I can give you the assurance that passion of doing something always push you to reach on the top. There are more examples but I should not think it is necessary to give you because you are the the motivation for yourself you don't need to  follow any other person.Motivation do not come from outside world.motivation is inside you.

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If you are not passionate about blogging and you are doing just because you want to earn money I can say a there is less possibility of getting success. Earning money should not be your primary goal your first goal is to provide knowledge and information to the people. You can write article that could be beneficial for your reader my personal suggestion for you is try to write article that could minimise the problem of your reader try your best to solve the problem of your reader like if you are writing article relating to technology e and tips and tricks you should try your level best to to solve the problem of other. If you are writing article that is relating to solving problems of others life then and you may proceed and if your category is simple to spread awareness about anything that may be health wealth education for blind belief of the people.
You are doing great job and I salute you for this job you should continue writing without thinking about how much time you are spending and how much money you are earning you should not compare anything here if you're right article and follow your passion one day you can earn how much money you have ever wanted to get a blogging is the the best way to earn money at your home.

My personal recommendation would be write article in which field you have more knowledge ideas than other. You can reach your voice through your blog to worldwide.

Technical Tips :

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Blogging is not easy in this competitive world as there was a time when there are few websites are available in the internet so that whatever you write in blog post and publish in your website easily you can rank but now if you are writing article in each and every field competition is very high so your post may not rank on the first page of the Google search engine but good news is you can rank your blog article on the first page of Google. All you need to know is search engine optimization I mean to say that how to optimize your post for how to write your post in such a way that it can rank on the first page of the Google search engine. There was a time when i did not know search engine optimization or I can say I had not hear that that word frankly speaking I heard that word in 2012 from my colleague and after that I was not serious about that so I had not Google that Term. I have a little bit knowledge about search engine optimization so I want to to say that you have to write SEO friendly article and you have to know what is the keyword in which keyword you have to rank on google and you have to know the term like keyword density what is back links/link building ?what is on page SEO? what is off Page Seo and so on. I may have written some article relating to this but here I can say you have to learn all these things which is available on Google and you also can read everything here because I am going to publish articles relating to this very soon keep reading keep sharing and bookmark or subscribe my blog so that you can read article relating to YouTube blogging AdSense and many more .... which will help you to become a successful blogger.