What is a Blog ? Easy Steps to Create a Blog in 2020

What is a Blog ? Easy Steps to Create a Blog in 2020

What is a blog? What is blogging? Is not it confusing.Don't worry I will clear each and every doubt through out this article. Well a blog is a very informative website where writer or group of writer share their views opinion ideas knowledge to reach worldwide and make it understand by using very simple text images animated gif etc.Here all the post comes in reverse chronological order in simple word you can say the last Post appears first and then the previous post and so on.So keep reading i will tell you the easy steps to create a blog in 2020

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Why Should you start your blog :

I think you should start your blog if you are really interested to share your knowledge and ideas to the people those are actually need your help. You might be thinking like how can I able to help the people? This answer is pretty simple suppose you are writing the article relating to to technology; you can solve the problem of of the people those having little bit knowledge about technology that may be they are building a website and getting error or maybe they are writing a post and unable to publish it so here you can help them through your blog and show them right way or guide them to to solve their problem. I can give you one more example,  people, those are having very difficult lifestyle or they are getting problem in their life and demotivated. In this situation if you are a problem solver or a motivational speaker you can help them through your blog you can reach your voice through your blog globally.

If you are interested to become a writer I am also suggesting you to start writing a blog and when you feel like now you can write  your own books and publish then you can also write short version of books and promote in your blog. So I can say blogger is the best platform where you start blogging as it is free. I have already told you the benefit of blogging.

How to start a blog :

  • Choose an unique blog name
  • Customize your blog
  • Write and publish your first post
  • Promote your blog in social media
  • Make Money from blogging

1.Choose an unique blog name

There are so many blogger. You might not get the blog address you ever wanted as this address are being used by different person before. You have to give an unique name for unique address for your blog. Before that I want to tell a story that when I came to know about blogger, I sign in blogger when I put blog address , I got an error like the blog address is not available.

So I put a different address in which I was not interested to set as my blog address. Finally I set that address and kept writing and leave after few months as that time I did not know that a simple blog can make money. And there are also some personal issues for which I did quit blogging. But you are not going to quit blogging after reading this article because in this article I will help you to make you to a successful blogger. I will guide you to completely set up your blog website which will later help you to earn money. So choose a blog name which having proper sense and here you also can use your name. Make it so simple so that people will easily remember your your blog address or URL.

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2.Customize your blog:

First you have to choose if proper dynamic Seo friendly template for your website if you have money you can purchase template and if you don't have, you can choose template for theme in blogger website.Try to customize your blogger theme in such a way that which it will attract more visitor to stay and arrange widget in a proper way so that it will not irritate your reader.

Try to make your blog as simple as you can and you have to focus on your post or article. care about your article it should not written in improper manner.
Don't use too much JavaScript and try to minify if you are using too many JavaScript in your website and also try to compress images so that website will run faster or load faster.

3.Write and publish your first post:

After completing the whole customization you have to write your article by using very simple language that may be in English or any other languages. Try to use 2-3 images which will help your reader to understand easily. Then you have to care about your heading Sub heading minor heading etc. You have to to set label. You have to write the meta description properly. At last you have to write conclusion as it is not that much important but try to add it. After that you can check for the grammatical error and mistakes and then use a custom permalink for your your blog post and then publish it.

4.Promote your blog in social media

When you create a blog at initial time there is less possibility of getting organic traffic to your website or blog at the time you have to to get traffic from social media like Facebook Twitter Tumblr etc.You can share your blog in quora from there you also can get traffic directly to your blog.

5.Make money from your blog

There are several method of earning money from your blog but the most popular method is Google AdSense although there are alternate of Google AdSense like pop ads ,media.net etc. Personal recommendation for you is try to to get approval of Google AdSense.
And another method of earning money from your blog website is you can do affiliate marketing through your blog like you can make your affiliate account in Amazon or Flipkart or any hosting provider like bluehost,godaddy and so on.

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Conclusion :

I hope you get the overall idea of starting a blog and making money from it so my final recommendation for you is don't quit blogging. Initial time if you are making very low earning you keep writing and writing one day you will get millions of traffic to your website and you can earn money that is beyond your imagination. Happy blogging !!!!

This post was about what is a blog and easy steps to create a blog and make money from it.

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