10 Common Mistakes You should Avoid Before Applying for AdSense

There was a time when I didn't know about AdSense 10 years ago. I am not ashamed of revealing this ;do you know why am I not ashamed? because everybody is a beginner one day in his/her life.Nowadays most of us familiar with AdSense. if I am not wrong then probably you are going to apply for getting approval of AdSense. before applying for AdSense I am going to tell you 10 common mistakes you should avoid while applying for AdSense.

10 Common Mistake Avoid Before Applying for AdSense , AdSense approval,Technical bishnuji

    Pirated Content :

    I have seen many blogger they are stealing other content. This is not fair and you should not do that if you are really interested to be a blogger if you are passionate about blogging. Never ever copy others article don't ruin others hard work. If you copy others article then definitely Google will understand and you will never get approval from AdSense. Your content should be fresh and unique and you should update your content. Try to write quality content and you can also add your personal experience to make it more easy to understand.
    If you copy others post or article then definitely you are not going to rank your post most of the time. And also you may get DCMA Complain from original content writer or you can say from the owner of the website from where you copied the article.

    Free Domain

    When you make a new blog you will get Sub domain like "blogspot.com" or "blogspot.in". Most of  blogger think like they will use a custom domain without spending money. I mean to say that they want to get a free domain.
    (Many bloggers are using free domain like .tk .ma .Ga .Cf etc)
    But my personal recommendation for you is to avoid this free domain and spend few amount on getting a top-level domain.

    Using Other Ad network

    There are so many ad network available other than Google AdSense. For example : media.net , pop ads, info links etc. Which definitely AdSense doesn't want you to put these ads on your blog. My personal suggestion for you is not to use other ad network before applying for AdSense.

    Getting Paid Traffic/Illegal Traffic Source

    I have seen many blogger are purchasing traffic from different websites which is unacceptable. I have also seen some websites which freely sending traffic to your website when you visit to other website. You should avoid traffic source and you should not use any kind of illegal traffic sources to get traffic to your website or blog.

    Worst Blog Design

    While making website you should not design your blog in such a way that user will face problem while finding any content. Your website should be mobile friendly and user friendly. You must have to design your navigation menu bar in a such a way that everybody will get quickly whatever they search if available in your blog. You must have category and every category should have at least 5 to 10 blog post.
    My Personal recommendation for you is to make your blog very simple having  easily accessible menu bar with proper categorised content.

    Insufficient Content

    I have seen many blogger those are new in the field of blogging.they are writing few articles and then applying for a adsense. If you do so then definitely you are not getting approval from AdSense. Because Google AdSense will not trust you if you have insufficient content in your blog. Insort, I want to tell you that you should have to write quality content and the same time you have to focus on quantity also.

    Unacceptable Site Content

    I have seen many people making blog and Promoting inappropriate content to their newly made blog. But I want to tell you one thing that Google will not accept these type of content relating to illegal drugs, hacking cracking material and specially pornographic images and videos. You will never get approval from AdSense if you create these type of blog post.

    Not Making Technical pages

    Actually making privacy policy about us and contact us page is the requirement of Google AdSense. Privacy policy describe what reader will get on your blog and what they should have to do and what not to do in your blog.
    About page give the information about you and also about your blog. About us page establish a relationship between you and reader.

    By making contact us page; you are telling Google that you are care about your customers for your blog readers or visitor.

    No Valuable Content

    If you are writing article which seems like you are putting keywords inside the blog or writing article which doesn't make any sense then Google will consider it as no valuable content or content having no quality. Other thing is when you write article try to elaborate everything and make it long article I am not telling you that you have to write very long article unnecessarily but I am telling you that you have to write article in such a way that which will be easy for your readers to understand if you elaborate it properly.dont Write article within only 300-400 keywords because it will be difficult to understand.You will also lose audience engagement time because of short post.One more thing is short blog post increase the probability of not ranking on google.

    Use of Copyright Material

    Many new blogger are not aware about copyright protected material. They search for anything they need on the Google and download any copyright materials that may be images or videos and upload it to their blog. For which they didn't get approval from AdSense.


    these are the 10 common mistakes you have to avoid before applying for AdSense as these common mistakes are made by many new blogger.