6 Different Ways to Make Money From YouTube 

Are you searching for different ways to make money from Youtube. Let me guess,  Probably you are interested to earn money online through youtube or  maybe you simply want to know about how Youtubers earn money online. Don't worry I am going to tell you 6 different ways to make money from YouTube.

6 different ways to earn money From YouTube technical bishnuji

1. Advertising Revenue
2. Channel Membership
3. Super chat and Super sticker
4. Merchandise
5. Sponsorship
6. YouTube premium revenue

1. Advertising Revenue

Probably you know about this as there are so many videos and articles are available in the internet which may you may have followed before. I am again reciprocating the same thing. Every youtuber dream is to join YouTube partner program to earn money. The criteria of monetizing your YouTube channel is to complete 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watchtime. After completing this criteria you will be able to apply for AdSense. After that when someone watch your videos ; advertisement will be played on videos and the generated revenue of these videos will be shared with you.

2.Channel Membership

You probably I have seen many YouTube channel displaying a join button. Can you click on the join button then it will ask you to pay some amount of money to join. if you have a YouTube channel and I have completed 30000 subscribers then you will be eligible for getting join button. When someone join your YouTube channel they have to pay some amount of money to you.

3. Super Chat and Super Sticker

You probably have seen many youtubers doing live stream specially in gaming channel they do live streaming in the time if anyone want to to send money they can send money through super chat. Specially in case of gaming channel they are earning huge amount through super chat. If you are a game lover definitely you know about viral game PUBG.Many people doing live stream while playing pubg which means player unknown battleground. And trust me there earning use amount of money because of super chat and super stickers. They earn more revenue collected from advertisement though super chat.

Like super chat, super sticker also can be the the way of earning money through YouTube as because of many people purchase super stickers to send their favorite YouTubers.

4. Merchandise

Merchandise became one of the source of earning of many youtubers but there are certain criteria you have to fulfill like you have to get 10,000 subscribers to qualify to start merchandise.
Many youtubers sales customised products like hoodies,t-shirts,mobile case etc.

5. Sponsorship

Sponsorship is the best way to earn money on YouTube. When you have use amount of audience on your YouTube channel for so many subscriber in your YouTube channel. At the time many company will offer you to promote their brand and they will pay you if you promote their brands.
Many youtubers earn more money because of sponsorship. I can give you the assurance that if you collect so many subscribers definitely you can earn more money than advertisement through sponsorship.

6.YouTube Premium Revenue

Are you confused about YouTube premium revenue ? Don't worry it's simple. When people take subscription plan from YouTube. They have to pay certain amount of money to YouTube. Then advertisement will not be displayed while playing YouTube videos and you will not earn Money through advertisement from these people as there will be no  advertisement while playing videos. But you can get share from the money that has been paid by these people.

Conclusion : These are six different ways to earn money or make money from Youtube. Although there are some other ways to earn money from YouTube indirectly. Let me give you hint you can promote your own business and indirectly grow throughout of YouTube. Another thing is affiliate Marketing .Most of the e-commerce website have affiliate affiliate program. You can join their affiliate program and get commission from it.

I hope I have told you all the possibility of making money through YouTube. Incase If I have skipped any other ways of earn money through YouTube you can comment below.

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