It was July 2019 that Google had announced to discontinue its AdSense Application on IOS and Android. You might be searching google took such a decision. All doubts will be cleared in this article.

Most of the Monetized Adsense account holders were using Adsense Application on Android and IOS. But Still why Google discontinued that Application is one the most discussed topic among Adsense Users. But, one of the most interesting parts is still now many existing users those were downloaded that application is using it. I have seen many new users are downloading that application from google as it has been removed from the play store. 

Let us come to Point, why google Adsense application discontinued? Well regarding that matter google said few things a blog post. By Investing in a common web application that supports all platforms, we will be able to deliver Adsense features optimized for mobile much faster than we can today It sounds like, Such changes will be helpful for desktop users only. People like us will be affected by such changes. But what can we do? whatever changes will be made we will adjust accordingly.