Most of the bloggers don't know what is Bounce Rate? They must have questions like should we reduce the Bounce rate or increase the Bounce rate? There are also some bloggers who don't know about it. So this article will explain all about the Bounce rate.

What is Bounce rate and top 7 Proven methods to reduce it ?

 What is the Bounce rate and the top 7 Proven methods to reduce it?

In a single sentence if you ask me to answer what is Bounce rate then my answer will be "Bounce rate is single page session of your website". Let me explain it.

Suppose someone is visiting your website through Google or any other search engine then they directly land into a page of your website. Which is a web page. If in that page which information that the user was searching will not be found then he will leave that page and search for another website. Like that if many users came and did not view any other page and leave after viewing only a single page. Then that will increase the Bounce rate.

Now you can understand that increase in Bounce rate is very bad for your website. So how to reduce the Bounce Rate? Let's talk about this.

    Optimize page load time

    There are many websites available on the internet so definitely when users will come to your website if it will not load within 3 seconds then they will leave your website. This will increase the Bounce rate so you have to speed up your website. So you need to use a lightweight theme and you should optimize images. If you can then you should choose a proper hosting service, you are I am talking about WordPress users I am not considering the blogger platform.

    Make beautiful website

    If your website will look very old and you have not properly aligned anything. Then many people will not like your website. so you have to focus on colour, images and most importantly you have to use a lightweight, good-looking blogger template.

    What is Bounce rate and top 7 Proven methods to reduce it ?

    Promoting articles in Sidebar and footer

    To engage the audience you must promote your article in the sidebar and footer section which will is the chances of getting a click on articles that are listed on the sidebar and footer section.

    Make Relevant post

    Writing an article you must write according to your post. People write articles but write unnecessary things which are not required. That will irritate your readers and force them to leave your website while reading the middle of the article.

    What is Bounce rate and top 7 Proven methods to reduce it ?

    Make useful internal linking

    While writing the article you must link your keywords with another article where you have explained properly. Suppose you are writing an article relating to SEO where a term came that is a backlink and you can link this Term backlinks to your other article where users will get adequate information regarding backlink.

    Optimize for mobile devices

    You might have seen many websites that look very good in desktop version but while viewing in mobile it doesn't look very good. so what will happen when you search for anything in the mobile version you will not get in time. So while making your website you should focus on desktop as well as mobile devices. Try to make it responsive.

    What is Bounce rate and top 7 Proven methods to reduce it ?

    Writing a high-quality blog post

    While writing blog posts you should know how to write quality blog posts because quantity doesn't matter but the matter is quality because it will attract users to stay or spend time on our website. It will force them to read the article as it is very essential and you have written very well.

    Rectify Broken links 

    you should find where are broken links and you have to correct them. While reading some articles if users will find any broken links then they will feel like your website has no value and they will consider it as a non-reputed website. They will leave your website instantly and also never come back which will be a great loss for you.

    What is Bounce rate and top 7 Proven methods to reduce it ?

    Queries relating to bounce rate

    What is the 100% Bounce rate?

    When you see the Bounce rate is 100% that means only one person can to visit your website and when he landed on a particular he/she has gone without visiting other pages.

    What is the 0% Bounce rate?

    The bounce rate is 0% when one or many people come to your website and they have not left after reading a single page.

    Bounce rate should be?

    Many people try to maintain it below 40% but if you can try to make it below 20%. Below 20% is considered as very good and below 40% is normal.


    In order to maintain a Bounce rate, you must create a quality blog post and promoting your content on your website will engage your audience. Which will definitely reduce the bounce rate.

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