How to get Adsense Approval Fast-2020

Now days each and every blogger knows about AdSense.There was time when even I was also don't know about AdSense.when I got to know about adsense,I have followed some effective methods which help me to get Adsense Approval very Fast ;within one month.if you follow all the criteria you will get Adsense Approval within few months.

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In this article I am going to share some criteria you should have to follow and also share my personal experience if you follow these rules you can get adsense approval fast

AdSense Approval Rules:

You blog should be atleast 6 months old.yes it's seems like strict rule but in some cases you can get before that like I got approval just working one to two months before that three months I had not written anything in my blog.

You should be atleast 18 years old to apply for AdSense .yes it's strict rule but you can still get approval in the name of your family members those are 18 years old.

Buy Top Level Domain

Getting AdSense approval in subdomain like or .tk or .ml is quiet difficult. but if you spend small amount of money like 400-500 rupees here you can get top level domain like .com or . in .I am suggesting you to purchase a top level domain from or namecheap website. Keep checking latest offers and coupon code to get fair discount.

Create Static Pages :

You have to create some static pages like About me, contact us, privacy policy, disclaimer etc and while making disclaimer or privacy policy make sure you have read all properly if you have generate privacy policy or disclaimer on third party website. You may use plagiarism checker tool and rewrite the content.

You have to write atleast 15-20 unique article that must not be copied from any other should be around 1000-1200 words. My personal suggestion to you; try to use very simple words so everyone can understand.dont use very difficult words that may annoy the reader to leave middle of reading your article.

Don't use copyright material

While writing article sometime we need images to explain or make the article look, never use any copyright images that are downloaded from unknown can manually download non copyright images from Google and there are certain website providing non copyright with no attribution which I will provide you the link in my next article.

Don't share illegal download link :

While sharing application or software or any other things my personal suggestion for you is never share premium apps or themes or anything without taking legal permission from the developer or Author. Strictly follow this rule before applying for AdSense if you don't follow this you will never get approval from AdSense.

No Broken Link or dead link

Your blog should not have broken Link or dead link while applying for AdSense. All of your link must be working. You should manually put all social media link.if your template have social media link like Pinterest or linked in and you don't have account on that. I am recommending you either you make an account on that and give the link or you remove that button forver from your template like I have removed the link permanently where I had no account.

Proper Theme Customization:

I am recommending you to keep your blog article as simple and professional as you can.focus on your content writing rather focusing on fancy designing.So make your blog look simple and professional.

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Quality Blog Post :

Your article must have 1000-1200 words and 2-3 images. If you don't know how to write article properly then hire a content writer from fiver or any other website.

While writing article you should write SEO friendly content. I mean to say that insert some keywords inside your article but make sure you are not putting too much keywords on article which will go under keyword spamming. I am not suggesting you to put keywords all over the article.first Focus on your content and remember to put few keywords to article that may help your blog to rank on Google.

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My personal recommendation for you is color mag 3. Which comes under creative common license designed by arlina design. It's a very good theme which increase chances of getting AdSense approval. I don't mean that you can't use any other theme you can use other theme also.

My personal suggestion

You must have atleast atleast 100 visitor each and every day. Try to rank your blog post so you can get organic traffic to website. You can also share your article on social media.

Before applying for AdSense make sure last month you are active on your blog I mean you have consistently writing blog article in previous month and you have written atleast 4-5 article on that month.

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