Tiktok Vs YouTube - Why YouTube is Better Platform Logically Explained

Probably You are having doubt regarding Tiktok Vs Youtube - which platform is better and why? Let me explain it the difference between Tiktok and YouTube.You May Read till the end to know why YouTube is better platform than Tiktok.

Tiktok Vs YouTube,Why YouTube is Better Platform,

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    YouTube is American online video sharing platform and tik Tok is Chinese video sharing social networking service.

    In YouTube you can upload videos relating to education,Entertainment scientific etc and you can upload complete video as it is formatting the user to upload long videos. But in the case of Tiktok you can only upload video up to 60 second. Which is the limitation of Tiktok or you can say the drawback of TikTok application.

    In YouTube many creator  are uploading videos having long duration but in TikTok Many Creators are uploading short videos. So you can easily Watch TikTok video As it is providing short videos and you can grow faster here. but in YouTube comparatively difficult to grow.you can easily get followers in TikTok and in YouTube getting subscribers is difficult.

    Copyright claim issues

    In YouTube nobody can copy your content without your permission but in TikTok anybody can copy or use your content without permission.

    Tiktok limitation

    In TikTok you cannot upload videos longer than 60 second probably but any YouTube can upload long videos.

    Tiktok issue

    Many time TikTok has been banned and TikTok removed from Play store. YouTube is Google's product and is the largest video sharing platform.

    Career in YouTube Vs TikTok

    This is my personal opinion guys. I think YouTube is better than Tiktok if you really want to make your career in YouTube you can go for that but I cannot recommend you to make your career in TikTok because nobody can give the guarantee that Tiktok could survive in near future and who knows tiktok may ban forever. Main bhi order application will replace TikTok.

    Tiktok Vs YouTube Earning

    As far as I know ; YouTube is better than TikTok Far as earning is concern.
    As you know TikTok App is made in China who knows when it will be blocked or banned. Let's ignore this thing and let me tell you why YouTube earning is higher than TikTok. Thing is that you will directly get benefited from the ads displayed while playing your videos. You get sponsorship in YouTube as well as TikTok but I think YouTube sponsorship is higher than TikTok. You can start your merchandise in YouTube you can promote anything on YouTube at the same time in tik Tok you can also promote your business. In YouTube you can earn by affiliate program but in Tiktok may not earn in that way. Being an youtuber ; in my point of view YouTube is is better platform than Tiktok.

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