List of WhatsApp Group link for Youtubers

Hello youtubers how are you? Are you worried of your channel just because it doesn't get any subscribers and your videos doesn't get any views. So don't worry today I will share you some WhatsApp group link which is specially for youtubers.

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Why you need WhatsApp group links to join

I think WhatsApp groups are the best place where you have to to share your YouTube channel link or videos to get more views as well as to get more subscribers. As you know there are certain rules and regulation in WhatsApp group and also there are limitations like you can add more than 256 members. One more thing I want to tell you that you should not share any illegal images for you should not spread any violent content in WhatsApp groups.Those WhatsApp group links are shared by me are collected by me where I am not the admin. I am only sharing WhatsApp group links for promotional purpose.
Before joining any groups make sure you are not harassing anyone or teasing anyone. My personal recommendation for you, you should only focus on promoting your YouTube channel by joining WhatsApp groups. This group are not meant for making friendship with anyone. Remember as you have joined whatsapp groups , which is public and you should not share any pronography content or illegal content inside the group. If you do such things then its consequence maybe very dangerous for you.

Advantages of joining WhatsApp groups :

Suppose your videos are not getting views and you are not getting subscriber by joining this WhatsApp group . You can easily get subscriber through subscriber exchange. You can also get views.

Disadvantages of joining WhatsApp groups:

While joining WhatsApp groups you should request or ask the members to subscribe you and watch your videos. Still there are few people or members of the groups may not subscribe you or cheat you in that case you have to to report to the admin. And the most important thing is you should not share your videos inside the WhatsApp group. Share your channel link inside the WhatsApp group so that everyone will click on the group link and go to your channel and subscribe your channel. If you share your videos everybody will click on your videos and they will not watch completely leave your video middle of watching. In this case what happened your audience retention of your videos will decrease and your video will not rank properly and there may be a possibility that your video will not go for suggestion of other peoples videos as you too will consider this videos are are having less importance or valueless content or you can say scrap content.

List of WhatsApp Group link for Youtube Channel :

Disclaimer : All these groups are not created by me and I am not admin of any groups. And I am not responsible whatever happens to you or any problem you face from the member of any groups I have only share these groups for promoting your YouTube channel.

List of WhatsApp group links for youtuber are given below. You can simply click on the links and join the WhatsApp group without admin permission. Have found any broken links or the links which is revoked you can comment below so that I can remove that link from my website. You want to add your WhatsApp group link insert the list of these WhatsApp group post you can simply submit your WhatsApp group links on the comment section.

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Conclusion : I hope these WhatsApp group links will help a lot to youtubers.

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