Why Low Views on YouTube Despite High Subscribers

Hello youtubers, Are you worried about low views on your YouTube channel despite high subscribers ? Everybody think that after getting so many subscribers ; views on their videos will increase but here reverse happens or they got little bit more views than before. I have seen YouTube channel those are having so many subscribers and they are getting very low views and they felt like why this is happening ? If you are one of them ; those are having so many subscribers and getting very low views. Then keep reading and you will get your your exact reason of your question.

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1. Changing niche and category

2. Multi niche channel

3. Not using Attractive thumbnail

4. Forcefully collecting subscribers

5. Irregularities in video uploading

6. Improper video upload time

7. Not using tags and description

1.Changing niche and category

Many youtubers are doing same mistake like they are continuously moving from one categorized video to another. Let's take an example : suppose you are making video relating to  YouTube channel so that you will get subscribers for those are interested on YouTube but after working few days you thought that you have to change your category into something else. For example funny category.

Those people are previously subscribed you they may not like funny videos. So in this case some of them unsubscribe your channel and some of them will stay in your channel and do not view your videos. So my personal recommendation for you is not to change category.

2. Making multi niche channel

Suppose you I have created on YouTube channel which is based on multi niche. This is the biggest mistake an youtuber does. Let us consider you are making videos on gaming and suddenly you make video on WhatsApp hacking. In this time what happened incase your video which was relating to WhatsApp went viral on internet so definitely you will get so many subscribers. But they will not be e interested on gaming videos. There interested on WhatsApp related videos. If you really want to get views more then you must have to to upload video which must be relating to WhatsApp.

3. Unattractive thumbnail

While uploading videos everybody upload custom thumbnail to there videos. What mistake they are doing here is; while making or creating thumbnail they are writing so many things on thumbnail which does not look good so that viewers do not click on that particular video. Opinion you should write everything very briefly.

You can make clickbait kind of thumbnail which could brings more click. If your videos are having good content then everyone will watch your video till the end.

4. Forcefully collecting Subscribers

Many of the YouTubers are doing sub4sub. That means they are exchanging subscribers. The same mistake I was also doing when first time I was in YouTube. Which cost me a lot. After that days I have decided that not to to force anyone for subscribing my channel. I also recommending you not to do sub4sub.

Because while doing sub4sub. You are getting fake subscribers those are actually inactive and obstacle for your YouTube career .these fake subscribers actually can ruin your YouTube career as they are not going to watch your videos and they also click on the video by mistake and then stop watching your video. Which will reduce Audience retention and cost you a lot.i can say huge loss for you.

5.Irregularity in videos uploading

If you are not uploading your videos each and every days then definitely your viewers will be inactive and  they also forget about you. So in order build trust from your subscribers you have to to be active in YouTube and you have to upload at least one or two video each and every week and give them the latest information about your topic.

6. Improper video upload time.

You must have to set your video upload time so that your subscribers will understand in which time you are uploading so that they will definitely watch your videos. if you upload video in different time few of your viewers may miss your videos. Try to upload your video at morning time around 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and next upload should be in after 4:00 p.m.

7. Not using tags and description properly

Each and every youtuber knows about tags and description. But they don't know how to use it properly. Let me give few tips to you.
1.You should not copy other tags and description.
2.you have to give your own tags.Tags should not be repeat multiple times. Repeating multiple times of tags will not increase the probability of ranking your videos.

Conclusion : Thank you so much for reading  "Why Low Views on YouTube Despite High Subscriber"

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