Hello Bloggers ! Very good news for all of you.Because today I am going to tell you how  to add table of content to blogger. Question arises here is it necessary to to add table of content to blog? So my I honest answer will be yes and I am also recommending you ; not only to you I recommend all of you to add or insert table of content to your each and every blog post.

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Let's give you a perfect example whenever you go to buy a new book then you may find table of content in each and every books. Actually table of content I give you a idea how many topics will be cover in that particular subject. We generally called TOC as a short form of Table of content.

I have also heard that if you are table of content it will also improve your page ranking and help you in Search engine optimization or SEO. Although everybody knows that content is King ! Here I want to add something more ; I want to say SEO is Emporer.

Take an example Wikipedia which is one of the the most popular website where you can also find table of content. If you want to make your blog look professional like other popular website. You must add TOC or Table of Content.

So Follow Me exactly to Add Table of content to your Awesome Blog.

Search         ]]></b:skin>

Search For <data:post.body/> 

Replace all with <div id="post-toc"><data:post.body/></div>

Note : If you have more than one   <data:post.body/>  Then Replace all with <div id="post-toc"><data:post.body/></div>

Given Below Code will be used in last

Note: You Can Change these colors if you need (Must Have Adequate Knowledge Before Changing Colors)

Change Anchor link color #0080FF
Change the font size of anchor Links 15px
Change the font size of TOC heading text 20px
Change background color #FFFFEO
Change border color #f7f0b8
Change font color #707037