What is Domain Authority (DA)? Complete guide to increase

Have you ever heard what is domain authority (DA) ? Does high score of domain authority rank your website on first page of Google search engine page ? Various Factors which affects Domain Authority Score. Each and every doubt will be cleared after reading this article.

 What is Domain Authority (DA) ? Complete Guide to Increase,technical bishnuji

What is domain authority ?

There was a time when I was new in the field of blogging and you can say website designing. In that time when I heard this particular phrase "domain authority". I was like what is domain authority and I was confused at that time. You are the lucky one because now you are going to you know what is domain authority in depth.

Domain authority actually define how well your website can be rank on google search result page (SERP)  which is predicted by MOZ.
Apart from that there are also show few things which is sound similar like domain authority that is page authority. In my next article I am going to publish about page authority.
So domain authority define how well your website can rank in search engine.
As I already told you that domain authority is created by MOZ to rate a website in between 0 to 100.
0 is the least score and hundred is the highest score of MOZ.
The More score you have increase the probability or possibility of ranking your website on Google first search result. In short I can say ,

High domain authority = high ranking
Low Domain authority = low ranking

While competing with other website you must look after your domain authority score with other websites domain authority score.
Let us consider you are having a website in the name of "abcd .com" or other person having a website in the name of "xyz. com". if you are website having lower domain authority than other website. there may be a possibility of your website not ranking above the other website.

There are some cases where a website has lower domain authority rank better than website having higher domain authority. So you can now understand some other factors also responsible for ranking your website on Google search result page (SERP).
I want to give you small hint about domain authority and page authority so that you can easily relate to topic.

  • DA ( domain authority) measure the authority of complete domain.
  • PA  ( page authority ) measure the authority of individual pages.

In order to see the DA and PA of your competitor website you may install MOZ Google chrome extension.

 What is Domain Authority (DA), Domain Authority score,technical bishnuji

you can Check Your Domain Authority Score : Click Here to Check Score

What is MOZ rank

This is mainly determined by number of of quality of other pages that is linked to your website. MOZ rank basically have its own algorithm to measure the quality and quantity of links that is linked to your website.Moz rank score is in between 0 to 10.

What is MOZ trust :

MOZ trust is measured by bhai how closely your website connected with other trusted website.
I am strongly recommending you,not to to link your website with other website having high spam score.

You can link your website to government website having high domain authority and page authority which will increase the chances of of trusting your website.
For example   (1) .edu website
                       (2) .gov website

govt website, edu website,gov website,technical bishnuji

Factor that is Affecting MOZ Trust :

If you are making link your website with other website having high spam score then it will definitely affect your MOZ trust and another thing is you should extend your domain if your domain is going to expire in few days. I strongly recommend you to extend your website up to 3- 4 years more or or you can also extend more than that.

Note : Probably you have seen many website having high MOZ rank but low MOZ score it happens because of these website linked with many website within short period of time.

How to increase your domain authority?

Is not easy task to improve your domain authority score within one night it takes time. But few tips you may follow how to increase the domain authority of your website which is is indirectly help you to rank your website in fast page of Google search result.
I have came across many people 2000 having website and what they are doing is there making backlinks from everywhere. 

But what mistakes they are doing they have no idea. You are the lucky one because you are reading this post and you can increase your domain authority as compared to other. The secret of of increase your domain authority is to make quality backlinks instead of focusing on quantity. I am strongly recommending you to make backlinks from the website having high domain authority and page authority and less spam score.

Another thing is if your domain is registered for 1 year you should extend your domain to next 4-5 year. Which will increase MOZ Trust and can help you to increase your domain authority score.

Your domain age is also responsible for your domain authority score. The more older your domain name will be the more trust it can get from MOZ.
The bonus tips for you is to link your old pages inside new post. Which i personally feel; increase your domain authority score.

Write quality post instead of writing aur focusing on quantity. I was thinking like ok I should focus on writing so many post as soon as possible but the problem is when you're right so many things you you fail to to give quality content to your readers. So that you will lose your readers and which may affect your domain authority score indirectly. Which also increase the bounce rate. You don't know  what is bounce rate I'll tell you you in another post.
Other factors which affect your domain authority score :

On page SEO :

Make sure your website it well optimised and can be easily crawled by search engine bot.
You should block ok or you should not index your tag and category.
You should create sitemap and submit
Carefully you should give meta tags description and most important thing is you have to add custom permalink to your each and every post and your links should be e SEO friendly and relevant to your topic.

 What is Domain Authority,seo,search engine optimization,technical bishnuji

Social media sharing :

You should create account in various social media platform like Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest LinkedIn and so on and share your website link in these website. It will definitely help you to get directly traffic to your website and also increase the probability of ranking your website trust me or not. I am strongly recommend you to make your your website pages in various social media platform which will help you you to reach your your content to your readers worldwide.

Website loading speed :

My personal suggestion for you is not to to design too much in order to to give a dazzling look to your website. Make your website look very simple and professional and use JavaScript which is really required and unnecessarily don't use too much JavaScript which will decrease your page loading speed. Your your website should be load within 3 second. If it is taking too much time to load then you must minify your JavaScript. And you have to uninstall unnecessary plug in.

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Conclusion : I hope This Article helped a lot in understanding What is Domain Authority (DA) and how to increase it.

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