How to Submit Your Website to Bing

Why you need to submit your website to search engine like bing,Google,duckduckgo etc? The answer is pretty simple that you want your website to be crawled instantly by these search engine. You probably acquainted with Google search console and me not know about Bing webmaster tool. but trust me you have to to submit your website it in bing; like you submitted your website in Google search console.

Do you really need to submit your website in Bing?

According to me you have to submit your website in various platform like Bing webmaster tool, Google search console and so on. Sometime you might have experienced that your website links are are already crawled by many search engine where you might not submitted your website. Let me tell you one of my experience. I had not submitted my website in Bing webmaster tool but still I am getting traffic from Bing search result. How this is possible? The answer is pretty simple your website pages are are automatically called by this search engine. But still you have to to add your website or submit your website in these kind of platform so that it will work fine. And your website pages will be fetched automatically.

I am sharing you a video which will help you or guide you to submit your website in Bing webmaster tool.

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